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The Beauty of Sunsets at Macky’s

Sunset over the water

Ask anyone who has ever spent an evening dining in our outdoor seating, or any of our employees… what is the best time of day to be at Macky’s? We guarantee your answer will be synonymous: when the sun sets!

Sunsets at Macky’s are miraculous. As the ball of heat that has brought sunshine and warm weather to your vacation at the beach all day long sinks to the horizon, Macky’s is where you’ll want to be to take in this beautiful sight.

Sadly, our 2018 season is over, but we are already thinking about all of the breathtaking views we will get to take in during the 2019 season. But, how do we get so lucky to watch this natural process happen every single night?

Sunsets happen because of the earth’s atmosphere. The 300 miles of atmosphere that we look through create a scattered effect of light, acting somewhat like a prism. When the sun falls to what looks like the edge of the earth from our point of view, it sheds its blue color, then its green and yellow wavelength hues next. Finally, the orange tone even slips away, leaving a big red ball of fire in our eyesight.

Have you ever been watching the sun go down over the bay and seen a quick glimpse of green light? Well, turns out you are not crazy, and it wasn’t just your eyes playing tricks on you after staring into the light too long! That green flash is seen for one-two seconds right before the sun sets completely past the horizon. The less pollution in the air, the more visible this green wavelength is.

Interestingly enough, the human eye can only see a small part of sunlight that lands in the visible wavelength. Creatures and animals that have the ability to perceive ultraviolet light are able to see different, more colorful sunsets! Kind of a bummer… but we still think sunsets at Macky’s are beautiful in color! While we love sitting on the sand, enjoying our meals on a hot summer day as the sun goes down, low humidity makes for a much better sunset. In the offseason, the colors are often more vibrant.

We all love clear, sunny days at the beach, but when it comes to the evening time, you may actually want a few clouds in the sky! Clouds are an essential part to making a beautiful sunset. They capture light like a canvas and reflect it to the ground, creating more vivid colors when the clouds are higher than the boundary layer of the atmosphere.

There are so many interesting layers that create the beautiful scenery of the sun setting each night. We appreciate every sunset, every evening at Macky’s, and we hope you do too! If you are looking to give the gift of sunsets on the bay, purchase a Macky’s gift card online. We look forward to watching more sunsets with you during the 2019 Season!