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Looking Forward to Summer 2019 in OCMD

Macky's sunset at dinner on bay

We hope everyone had fun, family-filled holidays! As we jump into the New Year and get the ball rolling with 2019, we’re getting more and more excited for one thing in particular… Summer!

Although we have some chilly (maybe even snowy?) months ahead before that warm weather that we all know and love kicks in, it’s never too early to start dreaming.

Here at Macky’s, we’re looking forward to the upcoming season, and working hard to ensure our guests have the best Macky’s experience yet!

From dining to happy hour to special occasions to the party scene, we have it all. Ocean City has become a resort town that attracts a variety of vacationers, and we want every single visitor to be able to find their place at Macky’s!

When we say Macky’s is Where Life is Good, we aren’t exaggerating. Life is good whether you’re relaxing on the sand for lunch with your puppy, dining during a beautiful sunset, or dancing the night away in a silly costume for one of our weekly Theme Nights. We bring summer fun like no other place in town.

Opening Day on Thursday April 25th at 3 pm can’t come soon enough… We can’t wait to welcome you back to paradise with beautiful sunsets, an updated menu, and more!

Just think… parasailing, jet skiing, happy hours, boat rides, sun bathing, and the countless summer activities that await. 2019 will bring exciting events like the OC Air Show, Cruisin’ OC, the brand new Jellyfish Music Festival, White Marlin Open, and many more! There is so much to look forward to this summer in Ocean City.

Don’t let those winter blues get the best of you, just day dream of summer days spent at the beach and at Macky’s. We can’t wait!