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Behind The Bar with Beth

Beth employee at Macky's
Get to know our amazing staff that makes Macky’s Mack-nificent!

Meet Beth. One of only eight bartenders that make up the Macky’s Bayside Bar & Grille bar staff. Beth is a seasoned 5th-year bartender, absolutely accomplished in all things alcohol. Her skill set entails everything from accounting to advertising, mind reading, mixology and more! She’s a next-level wing woman, avid facilitator of fun, and she never fails to provide exemplary, high-speed service to all. At Beth’s bar, beers are cracked just as often as smiles and the sunsets are nothing less than superior. Her all-star attitude is what makes Beth Macky’s October Good Life ambassador! Get to know this awesome barkeep and read on for an inside scoop on what makes working at Macky’s so sweet!

How long have you worked at Macky’s?
This is the tail end of my fifth summer!

What’s your typical day to day like?
Pretty typical for a bartender. I sleep in late then go into work between 3 – 6 pm. Working at Macky’s you know what to expect. There are only 8 bartenders (the newest one has been there for 4 years) and we know each other pretty well. There’s a good system for which stations we work. We know how to read each other and know how to help each other during busy times. Our days are all the same, yet different simultaneously. We have some “regulars” that come once a year and some that are here all summer. Bartending is a job that’s typically about making drinks, but bartending at Macky’s is really a job that’s about talking to people and helping them have a good time.

What do you like most about your job?
I like the busy times. When the DJ is pumping, sweat’s running down my brow, and I’m serving 22 drinks to 3 people simultaneously. Gets the heart pumping!

If someone told you it was their very first time at Macky’s, what would you tell them?
Stay for the sunsets!!! They are so beautiful on the bayside and Macky’s has one of the best spots on the Assawoman hands down. Plus we play Kate Smith at every sunset. It’s a pretty amazing thing to see an entire restaurant stop to enjoy such a natural phenomenon every day.

What’s your favorite dish on the menu?
Lobster Mac and Cheese. Enough said.

What is the most popular food item that you serve?
Our Sliders (3 for $6.99; Macky’s 2 bite mini burgers. Served on a potato roll with cheese. Served at the bar only). At the bar, most people get bar food, as opposed to all the great entrees that we serve. Our sliders are the type of food that when the plate passes you, even if you aren’t hungry you instantly crave them.

What’s your favorite drink on the menu?
My favorite drink is the Ketel Palmer. I am a simple girl and I don’t like things too sweet. It is simply Ketel One, Iced Tea & Lemonade. It’s the perfect level of sweetness.

What is the most popular drink that you serve?
Buckets!! We have five kinds: Orange Crush, Ruby Red, Original Rum Punch (those are the top three house favorites), Blueberry Lemonade, and Sangria.

What’s your favorite bucket?
The Ruby Red Bucket is my favorite. I love grapefruit and ours is so fresh!

What’s been your favorite theme party to work and why?
My favorite theme party to work is the Mustache Bash. I usually draw a shache on with a permanent marker. It always looks ridiculous and people really do a double take followed by laughter. It’s just fun.

What’s your busiest day of the year?
Saturday, Memorial Day Weekend, let’s not talk about it.

What’s your favorite memory from work?
Walking up to Macky’s opening day and seeing my friends all tailgating in celebration.

What’s one thing that you wish Macky’s customers knew?
We love dogs (Macky’s is a dog-friendly restaurant)!! Bring your puppies! It makes my day better AND we have a special menu just for dogs.

What is one thing about Macky’s that many people don’t know?
Macky and Pam, the owners, are not only funny as hell but they give so much back to the community and to their staff! They are quick to help when one of us is in a pickle. They throw us parties several times a year as a thank you for your efforts kind of thing. Plus they are quick to call up in the offseason on a slow night when all the staff is hanging out after work to tell the kitchen to make them a bunch of pizza just because. Good people.

What do you like to do when you aren’t working?
Oh, everything. I garden a lot, which also means I cook, I also can, and pickle a lot. I love to kayak and SUP, but rarely have the energy. I was actually off yesterday and my boyfriend and I did house stuff in the am (meaning I gardened, he worked on his scooter and cut the grass), we hit happy hour at a couple places, then came home and put a movie on the projector in the backyard, perfection. (80’s flick if you’re interested “Better off Dead” John Cusack… Need I say more?!)

What do you do (or have you done) in the offseason?
Some years I’ve just traveled, Last year’s off-season I worked in OC and decided that’s not my thing. I think this year I am going to go to another tourist destination and work.

Where have you traveled in the offseason?
In off-seasons past I spent 3 months in Puerto Rico, I’ve been to St. Thomas, St. John, St. Michaels, and The Bahamas. Apparently, I like the Caribbean! But my favorite travels have been on the road in the states. I’ve done two road trips about 40 days each. The last one I did with my boyfriend and we camped out most nights, it was fantastic. We did most of Florida, hitting all the springs we could. Then we shot over to Austin, Texas to see friends and stopped at Mobile and New Orleans along the way. After New Orleans, we drove north to Arkansas (surprisingly beautiful) on the way to the Bourbon Trail in Kentucky. We had so much fun on that trip we ended up buying an old school bus to convert into an RV. Now we have a skoolie to travel in!!

Catch Beth behind the bar this season for a rousing Ravens game or stop in for a cocktail and as Beth would say, “stay for the sunsets”!!! Before the season’s over, experience our magic, and meet us at Macky’s #WhereLifeIsGood